The road to Frugaldom

The entire principle of Frugaldom is to pursue life and work in as self-sustainable a manner as possible. We are not a charity, we are ambassadors for all things frugal. Our outdoor project embraces freedom, creativity, self-sustainability, heritage and nature.

NYK Media runs this Frugal Shop in the hope of raising contributions towards the running costs of the free to access frugal sites, forums, blogs, chat room and, of course, the Frugaldom project itself.

The Frugal Forums offer free information, encouragement and support for those attempting to spend and save their way to debt freedom and a happier, healthier lifestyle. It's good to know that we can be of some help, no matter how little it may be, so please join us in the forums and share your views. It's completely free to join and, once registered, you will also gain free access to our  live chat room.

The websites, blogs, forums, chat room and, indeed, the entire Frugaldom Project, is financed independently by NYK Media and whatever funds can be raised through this site and its affiliated links , sponsors or advertisers. We also offer surplus to requirement or handmade goods for sale, exchange or as part of the pay it forward system. In 2015, we introduced our official ' Friends of Frugaldom ' option for members who would like to get more involved.

We also accept voluntary contributions. If you prefer, you can help support the project here, via PayPal.

Every penny raised contributes towards maintaining and developing the project.

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